Options for gifts and donations:

Single donation

A single donation can be made by filling out the below form. It's possible to select an amount or to enter a custom amount.

In addition to a general donation, you can also donate an amount for a specific purpose of your choice. We will ensure the money donated is spent on that cause.

Some choices are:
• Innovating the solar boat;
• Participating in and costs of competitions;
• A side project within the association.

Annual donations

It's also possible to make an annual donation to Engineers of Innovation. As an annual donor you will receive all communications from the association, if wanted. 

You become an annual donor by filling the form below. After the conformation you will support our association.

We ask you annually whether you want to continue your donorship. You are not obliged to anything!

Your employer

Do you work for a large company? Then there is a chance that it has a fixed program for donations, whereby you as an employee can make a proposal for a destination. Ask about this if you are very fond of Engineers of Innovation.

The association is always willing to provide a counterpart, for example by providing a lecture, or a notice on this website.

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Donation Total: 40,00€

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