About us

How we started

August 2016 – A group of students of the CleanMobility project proposed to continue the innovation and start an alumni society. This initiative is what led to what we now know as the Engineers of Innovation.

Started in August of 2016 and officially founded the 2nd of February 2017 based in Amsterdam, Engineers of Innovation is a society for people who want to do more with their knowledge and share it with each other in the form of projects. In these projects, it is possible to work together on great new innovative techniques.

Engineers of Innovation is not just there for sharing knowledge, but also for the community. It is about sharing and having fun, even after your graduation.

It's possible to enter the society if you have studied Engineering or your study participated in the CleanMobility project at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Did you study one of the previous studies of Engineering ( Elektrotechniek, Engineering Design and Innovation, Product design or Technische bedrijfskunde), you are also eligible to become a member.

Did you not follow one of these studies, but still want to become a member? Just email the board and learn what is possible.


The current project is building, improving and sailing with a solar boat. With this solar boat, the society participates in the Solar Sport One races and the Solar1 race in Monaco. Many of our members have experience with a solar boat project, during their study at the University. Since we are not students anymore, and we liked the solar boat project so much, we want to do these kinds of projects with our society.

The society has members from different studies which makes a very multidisciplinary group. This means that there is a lot of knowledge from different levels. For example, the group consists of (ex)students and graduates of the studies "Engineering, Design and Innovation" and "Electrical Engineering". This group can collaborate closely and finds innovation and technology an important part of its own development.

The team


Mechanical construction

The calculations and simulations of the mechanical structures.

Mechanical processor

Creating the mechanical structures after the calculation


The detailed coordination of the team involving people, facilities, or supplies.

Electrical hardware design

Creating and testing the hardware for the electrical team

Electrical software design

Creating the software for the hardware


All which help the  society with money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.

The board

Made by Thaïsha


Dedier Chaigneau

Chairman 2017-2019

Made by Thaïsha


Floris Romeijn

Secretary 2017-2019

Made by Thaïsha


Sander van Doesburg

Treasurer 2017-2019

Made by Thaïsha


Jelle Zeilstra

Board Member 2017-2019

Made by Thaïsha


Remco Vink

Board Member 2017-2019



Engineers of Innovation is officially registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) in Amsterdam with the register number: 6798504

Engineers of Innovation is registered at the Rabobank with the account number: NL65RABO0316594954

The Statutes are available via the following link:
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The internal society rules are available via the following link:
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The minutes of the general meeting are available via the following link:
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The Policy plan of the society is available via the following link:
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