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Engineers of Innovation is a Alumni association for students and teachers of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. The association aims to promote solidarity, innovation and technology among its alumni. We aim to do this by organizing various projects for our members. The current project is making a Solar boat. This solar boat project will raise awareness for green energy on the water. The goal is to show that solar boats can be both sustainable and sportive.

Are you interested in becoming a partner of The Engineers of Innovation? This is what we have to offer:

Due to the use of the most advanced technology, materials and knowledge, partnerships keep on evolving and we are always open to new opportunities. In return for financial support or in-kind sponsoring we can provide solutions for several marketing and communication goals or help with Solar related Research & Development projects.
To obtain these goals Engineers of Innovation implements the following characteristics in a communication plan:

  • A sustainable, high-tech, competitive and international image;
  • Visibility on national and international competitions;
  • A wide Business-to-Business network;
  • Contact with graduate students;
  • Social media visibility

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