Visions of the future

May 19, 2017 Dedier Chaigneau

So most of you start are starting to get to know us by now. You might have attended one of our monthly meetings, heard of our plans or just heard our name from a classmate. But what is it that we as “Engineers of Innovation” do and why do we do it.

Our big plan as most people know, is to build and compete in competitions that involve mechanical and electrical work. We do this out of interest, sharing knowledge, becoming better engineers and of course fun. We want to create an environment in which you get to work on different interesting technologies in familiar environment.

Even though competing in the projects is fun, you might not be able to work on it because schedule or locations might not allow you to.
That is why the Alumni society also wants to create events beneficial to all members. The events can include: field trips to other competitions or conventions and company visits.

The alumni society is also working on a roadmap of its members, so you can see where other members of the society are employed/located and in what field they are working.
We hope this is beneficial and inspiring to all members.

With this being said, Engineers of Innovation is a society in which we are open to ideas and suggestion. So please share if you have any improvements or ideas for the future.