Engineers of Innovation

Alumni association of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

13th July 2017

Technical inspection done!

Today the technical inspection took place at the Yacht Club Monaco. We cleared every section of inspection without major problems. Tomorrow morning we will start our first race, this will be an endurance race we hope we can set a descent time to compete with other V20 teams. Keep an eye out for boat number 14. We would like to thank New Nexus Solar Racing Team and DB-20 Racing Team for all their help!

11th July 2017

Second day at Yacht Club Monaco

The second day at the yacht club Monaco we made progress towards our first test on the water. We plan on testing our boat tomorrow. The small improvements we made today will help fixate the solar panels even better than they were. Also we found some small cracks in the hull of the boat, so we needed to strengthen this part first before entering the water.
The electric team inspected the whole system today and checked everything for proper working, in collaboration with the mechanical team there were made some changes for easier opening of the electrical compartments. We are very excited about the upcoming race and expect some good results!

10th July 2017

Engineers of Innovation arrived in Monaco

After a two-day trip Engineers of Innovation finally arrived in Monaco. Yacht Club Monaco handed over the V20 solar boat so we could use it. The boat is looking good, as well is the weather. We are now getting the boat ready for the competition in the harbour of Monaco. We thank Yacht Club Monaco for giving us the opportunity to innovate on this awesome solar boat! We will keep you posted on our progress the coming days!

29th June 2017

Help to get our V20 boat to the Netherlands

Dear members and enthusiasts,

As many already know, Yacht Club Monaco is willing to lend us a V20 solar boat made by Vripack. If we take good care of the boat and enter the upcoming solar boat competitions the solar boat will be officially ours at the start of 2020 the only problem is that the boat is in Monaco. The board of our association is working hard to join the next “Monaco solar & electric boat challenge” and to get the solar boat back to the Netherlands. The insurance and logistic costs outgrow our current budget available.¬†The trip back is also a costly activity, because we do not have a proper trailer for the boat yet. We are now planning to rent one. The people that will go to Monaco are willing to pay for this cause, but some help would really be great.

This is why we want to ask you to financially support the trip back to the Netherlands, any help would be highly appreciated!

You can help us by transferring any amount on the following bank account of Engineers of Innovation:


It is also possible to use a Tikkie link, with this link you can transfer 10 euro to our bank account

“Help onze solarboat naar Nederland!” via
(This link is valid until 12 July)

Many thanks on behalf of the board!

Geachte Leden en enthousiastelingen,

Zoals velen van jullie onderhand al weten, staat in Monaco onze toekomstige boot klaar om opgehaald te worden. Nu zijn we als bestuur druk bezig alles rond te krijgen, de benodigde verzekeringen te regelen, contract ondertekenen en de logistiek om de boot hierheen te krijgen.
Helaas zijn de verzekeringen en logistieke kosten op dit moment groter dan wat de kas kan dekken.
Nu zijn wij ervan overtuigt dat zo’n kans op onze eigen boot een unieke is die we niet mogen laten schieten.
We zouden jullie daarom willen vragen om een kleine donatie om deze logistieke tocht mogelijk te maken.
Het huren van een trailer voor het transport van de boot+bok kost rond de 430 euro.

Er kan geheel vrijwillig een bedrag gestort worden op de rekening van EoI:

Of er kan gebruik gemaakt worden van deze Tikkie link voor een vast bedrag van 10eu
“Help onze solarboat naar Nederland!” via
(Deze link is geldig t/m 12 juli )

Namens het gehele bestuur alvast bedankt

19th May 2017

Visions of the future

So most of you start are starting to get to know us by now. You might have attended one of our monthly meetings, heard of our plans or just heard our name from a classmate. But what is it that we as “Engineers of Innovation” do and why do we do it.

Our big plan as most people know, is to build and compete in competitions that involve mechanical and electrical work. We do this out of interest, sharing knowledge, becoming better engineers and of course fun. We want to create an environment in which you get to work on different interesting technologies in familiar environment.

Even though competing in the projects is fun, you might not be able to work on it because schedule or locations might not allow you to.
That is why the Alumni society also wants to create events beneficial to all members. The events can include: field trips to other competitions or conventions and company visits.

The alumni society is also working on a roadmap of its members, so you can see where other members of the society are employed/located and in what field they are working.
We hope this is beneficial and inspiring to all members.

With this being said, Engineers of Innovation is a society in which we are open to ideas and suggestion. So please share if you have any improvements or ideas for the future.

Planned events

Engineering on the edge