Engineers of Innovation

Alumni association of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

29th June 2017

Help to get our V20 boat to the Netherlands

Dear members and enthusiasts, As many already know, Yacht Club Monaco is willing to lend us a V20 solar boat made by Vripack. If we take good care of the boat and enter the upcoming solar boat competitions the solar boat will be officially ours at the start of 2020 the only problem is that Read more…

19th May 2017

Visions of the future

So most of you start are starting to get to know us by now. You might have attended one of our monthly meetings, heard of our plans or just heard our name from a classmate. But what is it that we as “Engineers of Innovation” do and why do we do it. Our big plan Read more…

12th May 2017

Contest to win a V20 boat and visit to Vripack in Fryslân

To stimulate the solar sport racing and make it easier innovate for new teams, Yacht Club De Monaco & Solar Sport One launched an “Innovation Challenge”. To participate they asked for a motivation and financial plan for the next three years. The price? A free V20 boat!   In close cooperation with the boat committee we Read more…

10th May 2017

Team meeting Solar Sport One

On wednesday the 3rd of May we went to Solar Sport One (As you maybe already know the Dutch Solar Challenge will continue under a new name: Solar Sport One) for a team meeting. The meeting was about the new form of Solar racing and the changes in rules, classes and types of races. We Read more…

28th March 2017

Is Engineers of Innovation for you?

Engineers of Innovation is a alumni society for (former)students of the faculty Technology and Engineering at the University Of applied Sciences Amsterdam. The society organizes varies activities like a monthly drink at every second friday of the month. Secondly the society will organize visits to interesting companies, so that (former)students can get in contact (for Read more…

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