Engineers of Innovation

Alumni association of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

6th September 2017

Rotterdam in Review

After a successful weekend of solar racing, we can happily look back on some great races. We are excited to be able to compete as new competitor in these races and our mostly proud of our enthusiastic and cheerful team! This video gives a small impression of our races at the Wereldhavendagen in Rotterdam (more…)
23rd August 2017

Thank you for everyone who attended the barbecue

The barbecue hosted for members, contributors and everyone interested yesterday was a huge succes. A night filled with the big reveal of the boat, good food, laughter and great new ideas and insights on what to improves first on the boat. We want to thank every attendees for the fun night and hope to see all of you in Rotterdam at the Rotterdamse havendagen.

De barbecue voor de leden, donateurs en geïnteresseerden gisteren was een groot succes. Een avond gevuld met onder andere de onthulling van de boot voor sommige leden, goed eten, gelach en veel kritisch blikken en ideeën over waar we als eerst aan gaan werken. We willen iedereen bedanken voor het komen en de gezellige avond. En hopelijk allemaal tot in Rotterdam bij de Rotterdamse havendagen.

2nd August 2017

A BBQ to thank for the donations

Save the date, on the 19th of August the society will host a BBQ for all of her members and contributors who supported in the process of getting the boat to the Netherlands. The BBQ will be held in the neighborhood of Breukelen/Vinkeveen. During the BBQ the boat will also be displayed and questions can be asked.

To participate in the BBQ the society requires a small entrance fee to be paid. This fee will allow the society to invest all of its money into the development and maintenance of the boat.
Signing up for the BBQ can be done by filling in the below form before the 14th of August, and transferring the fee for the BBQ by bank or by using the below stated Tikkie-link

Time : 17:00-21:00
Location: By mail after registration
Entrance fee: €10 on NL65RABO0316594954, description:BBQ2017+name or (valid till 14th of August)

Houd de datum vrij, op 19 augustus zal de vereniging een barbecue organiseren voor alle (komende)leden, enthousiastelingen en donateurs die de boot naar Nederland hebben geholpen. De BBQ wordt gehouden in de buurt van Breukelen / Vinkeveen. Tijdens de BBQ zal de boot te bezichtigen zijn en kunnen vragen gesteld worden.

Om deel te nemen aan de barbecue vereist de vereniging een kleine onkostenvergoeding. Deze vergoeding zal de vereniging in staat stellen om haar eigen verenigingsbudget te investeren in de ontwikkeling en het onderhoud van de boot.
Inschrijven voor de BBQ kan gedaan worden door het onderstaande formulier vóór 14 augustus in te vullen en de vergoeding voor de BBQ over te maken via bank of door gebruik te maken van de Tikkie link.

Tijd: 17:00-21:00
Locatie: Na inschrijving toe gemaild
Vergoeding: €10 naar NL65RABO0316594954, beschrijving: BBQ2017+naam of (geldig tot 14 augustus)

    Hierbij schrijf ik me graag in voor de jaarlijkse Engineers of Innovation BBQ op Zaterdag 14 september vanaf 16:30.
    De kosten voor de BBQ zullen €12.5 bedragen, hierbij zit eten en drinken inclusief. Deze kosten zullen op 4 september geïncasseerd worden.


    19th July 2017

    Our boat is home

    The last months everyone worked hard to achieve one common goal, our very own solar boat!
    We are excited to announce that the solar boat is safe and secure on Dutch soil. Last week a team of members of the society represented the society in Monaco, during the Monaco Solar Boat & Electric Challenge at Yacht Club de Monaco. They overcame technical difficulties trying to get a boat they had never seen before operational. And they succeeded!!! We managed to participate and finish every single race with a result of reaching 9th position in the final ranking. We have big plans for the boat and with the boat safely “home” we are eager to start working on it and driven to come back next year to perform even better. We would like to express our thanks to all the teams who aided us during the races and of course to the organization and Yacht Club de Monaco.

    17th July 2017

    Thanks Clafis and MG

    We would like to thank Clafis Victron Energy Solar Boat Team and MG Energy Systems B.V. for their effort for getting our boat up and running. They helped us with an important part of our boat, the battery. Without them we would not have been able to fix the battery before the race at Yacht Club Monaco. Thanks a lot!

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