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7th August 2021


Raceday! Waiting for all the boats to be ready to start the first race of the day. The endurance race will be up first followed by the match races and the Sneek course. We are good to go!

3rd August 2021

Race at the Sneekermeer

This Saturday we will participate in a race organised by Spectrum Solarteam. The race will be held at the Sneekermeer and will consist of three element. We are particularly excited about the endurance race, the element in which our boat performs best.

9th June 2021

A race not to forget

The race organised by WATER – World Forum For Life was one to not forget. An excellent location with a great organisation has made this race the fist and the most enjoyable race of this strange season! We will certainly be part of this race next year. We want to thank our sponsors which made Read more…

3rd June 2021

First testing day in Portugal

After some successful testing yesterday we are preparing ourselves today for the first short race of the event. We are excited and ready to go!

28th May 2021

The boat is on the move again!

We are excited to announce that next week we will be joining T├ęcnico Solar Boat at the WATER world forum in Portugal. The boat is currently on transport and the team will follow shortly. More information soon!

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