Engineers of Innovation

Alumni association of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

16th August 2021

Our new sponsor TPSolar

We are proud to announce TPSolar as our new sponsor! TPsolar believes that solar energy will play an important role in the future. That is why they develop ecologically responsible solar parks. As a family business, TPsolar shares the passion and motivation with Engineers of Innovation to contribute to making the Netherlands more sustainable. TPSolar Read more…

8th August 2021

The end of the race weekend

Unfortunately the race weekend is over. We finished 4th overall and after a night talking to all other participants and sharing ideas it is time to head home again.

7th August 2021

End of endurance

The endurance race has ended. Time to prepare for the 1 vs 1 races in which we compete against each of the other teams!!!

7th August 2021


Raceday! Waiting for all the boats to be ready to start the first race of the day. The endurance race will be up first followed by the match races and the Sneek course. We are good to go!

3rd August 2021

Race at the Sneekermeer

This Saturday we will participate in a race organised by Spectrum Solarteam. The race will be held at the Sneekermeer and will consist of three element. We are particularly excited about the endurance race, the element in which our boat performs best.

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