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Alumni association of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

7th July 2019

Back to home

After a long, exhausting but mostly fun week, we are back on the road towards home. During the races in Monaco, we gained tons of experience. After we are fully recovered and rested from the races we will start focusing on rebuilding the hydrofoil!

6th July 2019

A major setback

We just experienced a major setback. While preparing for the slalom and match races our front foil broke. Unfortunately, this is not something we can easily fix. Determined to continue racing we will sail the rest of competitions without foils. Unfortunately, this will greatly reduce our performance.

4th July 2019

The first impression of Monaco

The first impression of the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge at the Yacht Club De Monaco.

3rd July 2019

Passed the technical inspection

We passed the technical inspection! We will now slowly start preparing for a test run this afternoon. During this run, we hope to perfect our hydrofoil settings for Monaco conditions.

30th June 2019

On our way to Monaco

It is 05:50, and we have just departed towards Monaco. Today we have an 800km drive planned towards our camping. Everyone is still in a good mood and excited for our first race in Monaco.

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