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3rd April 2022

Boat is out of its mould

The boat is out of its mould, the bulkheads have been placed, the deck is glued down and yesterday we were busy finishing the spray rail. An important task to ensure that we cruise through the water as efficiently as possible.



1st March 2022

Our new Platinum sponsor Evalan

We are proud to announce Evalan as our new platinum sponsor!

Evalan is an innovative development and implementation partner in the field of the Internet of Things. Evalan mainly focuses on remote monitoring, biometric measurements and telemetric solutions for industry, construction, healthcare and the agricultural sector. The company develops wearables, mobile devices, sensors, data management systems, data processing algorithms and user interfaces on a variety of platforms. In addition to customization, Evalan also offers a number of ready-to-use IoT products, including gateway BACE, workplace occupancy sensor SmartEagle and heat monitor ARMOR. Evalan’s customers include Heineken, the Ministry of Defence, Vitens and UMC Utrecht. Evalan is looking for a ‘Software Engineer Embedded Systems’ to join the team of Electronics, Software, Mechanical and Industrial Design Engineers in Amsterdam. For more information please visit vacancy.


7th December 2021

A new motordriver

Can’t build a new boat without also upgrading the electronics. We’ve custom designed a brand new BLDC motordriver to be used in the boat. The motordriver is still in production, but we couldn’t resist to already publish some information on our website. Just like our previous designs all knowledge and designs will be completely open source ! Please visit the dedicated webpage Motordriver

Special thanks to AltiumWürth Elektronik and Eurocircuits for their generosity in realizing this project!



23rd November 2021

Almost finished

Almost finished! After weeks of hard work by many of our members the boat is starting to take shape. We cant wait to see it when it’s done



16th November 2021

Big thanks to Rabobank

A Big thanks for Rabobank and the members whom voted for Engineers of innovation during the “Rabobank Club Support” competition. We will use the money for further development of our new solar boat!


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