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1st September 2022

Final days of the Madeira adventure

On the final days of our Madeira adventure we traveled to the island of Porto Santo. Here we competed in the last sprint and endurance part of the race. On the sprint we managed to finish in a quick 20.08 seconds. During the endurance we unfortunately encountered some tough weather conditions, due to big waves Read more…

27th August 2022

Another race on Madeira island

Another great day of racing. Today we started off with the endurance race which proved our boat to be reliable even on longer distances! We ended the day with a 1 vs 1 match race vs T├ęcnico Solar Boat

26th August 2022

First race day

Just finished an amazing first day of solar boat racing. The boat felt amazing and we managed to put down a good score on the first event of the competition. Tomorrow we’ll take on Technico Solar Boat in some head to head competitions!

25th August 2022

Arrived in Madeira

We have safely arrived to the beautiful island of Madeira after being invited over by Teechnico Solar Boat! Currently we are preparing the boat for the first race day tomorrow

25th July 2022

First test run

After a year of hard working the first test day of our new solar boat had finally arrived. We are incredibly proud of the result and can’t wait to see how the boat behaves during a race! Watch a short clip here:

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