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20th December 2022

Battery cells have arrived

Three weeks ago, we have placed an order for INR21700-P45B 4500mAh battery cells from Molicell at Nkon. These cells arrived in good condition and are now being prepared for the first test setup. The purpose of this test setup is to measure the capacity of the cells. After the capacity has been measured, we will be able to select the cells that have the least deviation in capacity compared to the other cells. By doing this, we will be able to create a well-balanced battery pack, as it will be made up of cells that are relatively consistent in terms of capacity. This will help ensure that the overall performance of the battery pack is reliable and consistent.
11th December 2022

Design of battery

To be able to participate in the open class we must design and manufacture a new battery. The battery will consist out of multiple cells. We will use the battery cells from Molicell, we have chosen the INR21700-P45B 4500mAh cells for the design. These cells are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles and portable electronics. In order to design and manufacture a battery using these cells, we will need to consider several factors, including the desired capacity and power output of the battery, the required form factor and dimensions, and any safety and regulatory requirements that apply. Once these factors have been determined, we can begin the design and manufacturing process, which may involve sourcing the necessary materials, designing and prototyping the battery, and testing and refining the design to ensure that it meets your specifications and requirements.


22nd November 2022

The first designs of hydrofoils

Hydrofoils are a great way to increase the efficiency of a solar boat. By lifting the boat out of the water, the foils reduce the drag on the hull, allowing the boat to move faster with less effort. Active hydrofoils, which can be adjusted during different races, can provide even greater benefits by allowing the boat to be optimized for a variety of conditions.


1st September 2022

Final days of the Madeira adventure

On the final days of our Madeira adventure we traveled to the island of Porto Santo. Here we competed in the last sprint and endurance part of the race. On the sprint we managed to finish in a quick 20.08 seconds. During the endurance we unfortunately encountered some tough weather conditions, due to big waves and the salty water one of our electronics components failed mid-race.
Despite not reaching the finish line on the final day we proudly look back on a great week.
Our new boat proved itself faster and more reliable as our old V20 design and the races in Madeira provided the perfect conditions to test and find improvements for the coming year.
We would like to thank Tecnico solar boat and the island of Madeira for organizing this race.


27th August 2022

Another race on Madeira island

Another great day of racing. Today we started off with the endurance race which proved our boat to be reliable even on longer distances! We ended the day with a 1 vs 1 match race vs T├ęcnico Solar Boat


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