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Alumni association of the Engineering programme at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

21st June 2019

New motor driver needed

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, our motor driver stopped working. This stopped us from participating in the parade and the top speed competition. Currently one of our members is racing to Friesland to get a new circuit board. We will try installing the circuit board tonight so we can continue the competition tomorrow ?

21st June 2019

First race started

The first solar Sport one race of the season has officially started. After months of maintenance and excitement, we finally started the first race. The first race will be the Time Trial. Follow us live during the weekend on:

20th June 2019

On our way!

We are on our way to the Solar Sport One races in Purmerend. In the next few days, we will give our very best during the races. Today we would like to give you all a little teaser of the boat and the new colours. If you want to see more, join us this weekend Read more…

17th June 2019

Last weekend

In the final weekend before the Purmerend race, we put the final touches on the software of our developed MuPPeTs. By testing some different algorithms during the sunny weekend we are now fully ready for the race. Time to pack our stuff for the first race of the season. Purmerend here we come.

4th June 2019

Almost ready for the season

Past week we finished the last panels for covering the deck. We also finished the final bracket to be used with our cable entry systems. This weekend we will do the final installations and we will be good to go!

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